Hohenstein, screening for genetic modifications of cotton


Genetically modified cotton sometimes is distributed as unmodified (“organic”) cotton.


The aim of test is a detection of genetically modified cotton in textiles products. The use of advanced molecular biological analysis allows the reliable detection or exclusion of genetically modified organisms (GMO)

This test is particularly suitable for:

Natural textile products (cotton and cotton blend)

“Organic cotton” products


The (textile) test sample is treated in a specific homogenization process. Subsequently the genetic material (DNA) is isolated. This procedure is possible for cotton raw materials as well as for processed textile products.

The real-time PCR is used for screening of DNA samples as an established method with high specificity and sensitivity of detection. A reliable statement about genetic modifications is received due to internal controls.

Customer benefit: 

Product identification

Product optimization

Advertising impact

Protection from product piracy

 Test sample requirements: 


TEst samples can cover an entire group of articles. Please contact us for further information

Test samples must be packed individually, e.g. in plastic bags, to avoid contamination during transport

Please indicate adequate names and specific denotations of the samples (composition of material , article number, etc.)

Quantity of material:

At least 10 g of the test sample

Duration of the test: 

1-2 weeks, the date will be confirmed once the test sample has been received

Hohenstein Institute 

Life science and Care / Team Bioservice