YKK Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Lot 10, N2 Road, Nhon Trang III IP-Phase 2

Long Tho Commune

Nhon Trach District

Dong Nai, Vietnam

Certified products, zippers, class 1, appendix 6:

Zipper (assembled or individual parts), also Reflex, water repellent (WATER-J), print-zip, consisting of: – tape made of polyester,
recycled polyester (PBR), dope dyed (incl. luminous colours) or printed, with or without PU film (in colourless transparent, silver
reflective or black) – coil/element made of polyester, dyed – zipper teeth/element made of POM resin (VS, VY, VZ, VDJ), white or
coloured (incl. luminous colours) or PBT with mirror like finish (gold, silver, copper, chrome, iridescent) – zipper teeth/element made
of metal with chemical treatment – slider made of metal, painted (incl. luminous colours) or plated, with or without puller made of
TPU/POM, silicone, PP or TPS, coloured or metal, painted or plated – with or without colourless transparent reinforcement tape and
stopper; produced by using materials certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.